University of Florida Student Calendar

Classes begin on August 22, while fee payments are due September 2. Final exams are in December (10-16th), while final grades are available on the 21st of December. Holidays are on September 5: Labor Day ; November 4-5: Homecoming; November 11: Veterans Day ; November 24-26: Thanksgiving. Full table of dates here:

2011 Academic Dates


Advance Registration (at or after assigned time)

March 28 - August 9 August 11-17

Employee EEP Registration (11:59pm of last day)

August 11-26

Regular Registration ($100 late fee after deadline)

August 18-19

Classes Begin

August 22

Drop/Add (at or after assigned start time) (11:59 pm of last day)

August 22-26

Late Registration (11:59 pm of last day)

August 22-26

Nondegree Registration (at or after assigned start time) (11:59 pm of last day)

August 24-26

Withdrawal with no Fee Liability (11:59 pm of last day)

August 26

Fee Payments (3:30 pm, Financial Services)

September 2

Residency Reclassifications

September 2

S-U Grade Option

September 9

Degree Applications

September 16

Withdrawal, All Courses, with 25% Refund  (W assigned)

September 16

Drop or Add a Course by College Petition

November 21

Withdrawal from UF (W assigned)

November 21

Classes End

December 7

Honors Theses due to College Advising Offices

December 7

Reading Days - no classes

December 8-9

Final Exams

December 10, 12-16


December 16-17

Final Grades available (Transcript view, on ISIS)

December 21

Degree Status available (late night, on ISIS)

December 20

Holidays - no classes

September 5: Labor Day  November 4-5: Homecoming November 11: Veterans Day  November 24-26: Thanksgiving